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MooJoos Sampler to Return for the Holidays

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31 Jul

MooJoos Sampler to Return for the Holidays

MooJoos Sampler packs are coming back this winter, and will be available to ship October 2nd.  The official release date is October 30th.  Please fill out a pre sell form.  Anything not spoken for in pre sell will be available for spot purchase.  The MooJoos Samplers will run through January 26, or until we run out.   2,500 CE production run scheduled.  Any questions, please email sales@braubeer.com or info@braubeer.com.  Sell sheets, profiles, tap knob art, table tents, pre sell forms, and posters are all available on the dropbox page, and all .ai files are workable.  If you need anything specific, please call or email.

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