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    Our Culture

    Because we can.  And we want to.

    You'd be surprised what you can get done locally.  We truly believe that you can and should source as much as you can locally.  That's why we grow our own hops.  Eleven different varieties grow mere feet from our front door.  That's why we grow and malt our own two-row barley.  We believe that when breweries take responsibility for their beer, from grain to glass, not only is the quality better, but we begin to produce unique, fun beers distinct to region. 

    We constantly seek out other small producers in which to collaborate.  From small town distilleries for barrels, to nano coffee roasters for beans, we pride ourselves on finding friends in rural places. 

    We believe that no town or region should be without a local brewery, regardless of size.  We also feel that it's important to get to know your brewer.

    Beer is not just a drink, it's an experience.