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    Brau Brothers Barrel Aged Belgian Style Quad Ale.

    Just as simple as the name implies!  This beer spent months on some of our favorite barrels - used Templeton Rye Whiskey Barrels.  That trademark caramel and vanilla come through strong, while mild belgian ale fruit waft in the background.  Very limited amount brewed, just under 450 cases.  Available till gone.


    Barrel Tasting at BrauFest!!

    Calling all barrel junkies!  We'll pull a couple of our best barrels for sampling Saturday, June 2 at BrauFest.  An as-of-yet-unnamed Belgian Quad-style ale has been patiently resting in the stillage for a few months, and can be previewed between Noon and 3 p.m Only!!  Great opportunity to compare a beer in the works with the final product later this summer. 


    Details for BrauFest Announced!

    The basics are all in place.  June 1-3, you know the place, you know the beer.  Saturday afternoon at the brewery Cannery Row will play live, followed by Smitty and the Sound!  Bring chairs, our tables fill up quickly.  Friday night Larry Donner plays live at the BrauHaus, with a Roxbury Drive Street Dance on Saturday night just off main street.  Beer everywhere, with casks tapped all day Saturday.  Camping is once again available right at the brewery for Friday and Saturday night.  Many more things going on, take a look.


    Brau Brothers Featured in Good Busniness Magazine

    National Love, we can't get enough!  Thanks to the folks at Good Business who stumbled on the fact that Brau Brothers has produced the first commercially available raw barley beer. 

    The small batch of a few hundred cases of Bohemian Soup beer, an Eastern European-style pilsner, went on sale around Minnesota and at brewers’ conventions.

    Check it out here


    Coming Soon, Brau Bros' Rye Wyne


    That's right, we're only days away!  We have been very impatiently waiting for this beer to serve its time in used, Templeton Rye Whiskey barrels.  We performed our due diligence by tasting several bottles of the whiskey in order to properly plan and calculate the finished beer.  It was well worth it!

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