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    Rubus Black Friday!!

    Friday, November 29 we will be releasing a single batch of Rubus Black for the holidays, here at the Tap Room in Marshall.  From 8am - 2pm on Friday we will be basically paying you to drink Brau Beer:  $1 Rubus pours, 30% off everything in the swag shop, all sandwiches 1/2 price!  We'll open the kitchen at 10am to accomodate early shoppers.  Growler gift sets will be available.  Get your Christmas shopping done early, and locally!!


    Hundred Yard Dash Available Soon!

    We have started to ship Hundred Yard Dash.  It should be on tap and on store shelves very soon.  We appreciate the patience, as we have been a bit behind during the expansion.  This year's version is very good.  Lower alpha acid levels drop the bitterness a little, however the aroma is much better.  Very strong orange and pineapple, which is odd, as our classic "C" hops (Centennial, Cascade) were a smaller percentage of the overall hop bill.  Our European hops (Goldings, Fuggles, Hallertaur) yielded much better than in past years, and subsequently are a bigger piece of the Hundred Yard Dash Hop pie.  Overall, good beer.  We'll definately drink it.


    City Pages' Brau Bros 

    Thanks to City Pages for the pub, see it here


    Marshall, MN Population 14,220

    That's right, new location later this year!  We're very excited to move into our new digs.  At over 37,000 square feet, it's over 7x the size of our current facility.  If you've been out here recently, you know just how packed the brewery is.  In addition, we'll be bringing in more fermenters and brite tanks to allow us to grow.  It will take a few months to get the building ready.  We'll post updates as often as time allows.  As soon as we have an opening date, we will let you know!  


    Ivan the Great, Russian Imperial Stout

    You heard it right, releasing on January 24th, our first and only Imperial Stout!  Definately an American take on the style.  A ton of hops are used, throughout the boil, both to balance the massive amount of malt, and also to add hop flavor and aroma.  A complex malt bill blends a variety of roasted malts pushing the ABV to just under 10%.  Look for it on tap and in four packs very soon!