Hundred Yard Dash Available Soon!
Thursday, November 21, 2013 at 11:00AM
Dustin Brau

We have started to ship Hundred Yard Dash.  It should be on tap and on store shelves very soon.  We appreciate the patience, as we have been a bit behind during the expansion.  This year's version is very good.  Lower alpha acid levels drop the bitterness a little, however the aroma is much better.  Very strong orange and pineapple, which is odd, as our classic "C" hops (Centennial, Cascade) were a smaller percentage of the overall hop bill.  Our European hops (Goldings, Fuggles, Hallertaur) yielded much better than in past years, and subsequently are a bigger piece of the Hundred Yard Dash Hop pie.  Overall, good beer.  We'll definately drink it.

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