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5/24/18 Beer, Bacon, & Babies!

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25 May

5/24/18 Beer, Bacon, & Babies!

Busy week here at the brewery.  First – and most important – Henry &in the tap room, so that’s a good thing.  Also, we’re bringing back a classic – Strawberry Wheat will be on tap for the holiday weekend!  We’ve also brewed a sweet and tangy lemon soda, perfect to marry with the strawberry wheat for a strawberry/lemon shandy.  Fill your growlers!  We also have about 300 gallons of kambucha fermenting.  The plan is to blend this with kettle sour and fruit.  Never made kambucha before, but it’s getting nice and snotty on top and I’m told that’s a good sign.  Finally, we’re getting ready to bottle a 2018 version of Bancreagie Sour.  Look for it in 750’s soon.

The Tap Room will be OPEN all weekend, including Monday.  Stop in and cool off with a pint and a pizza, or take a day trip and fill a growler for on the deck or at the lake.

Stay safe this weekend, and as always, thanks for drinking local!

– Dustin & Crew

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